This nice weather is making us awfully thirsty!…

This nice weather is making us awfully thirsty! And we have a German classic to satisfy the tastebuds!

The Admiral’s Daughter
German Pilsner, 5.3%ABV, 39 IBUs

The Admiral has a daughter who’s blonde and rather delightful. She’s light as a feather and crisp as a kitten. She hails from the town of Pilsen where she shares her bubbly personality with all those who care to mingle. Maybe a pint will ease the nerves…

This Pilsner is crisp with a notable German noble hop character that comes across a little spicy and maybe grassy. Well carbonated and clear for maximum refreshment!

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The English are back and have graced us with an…

The English are back and have graced us with another beer on the traditional beer engine! This time we are pumping out an ale that is designed be to served through cask- the ordinary/ session English bitter.

According to some sources, the term session beer was coined back in England during WW1. At this time the government placed restrictions on the hours at which alcohol can sold into two “sessions” – a lunchtime session and an evening session. They also placed restrictions on the alcohol strength of beer making low ABV a law. Weirdly, they also didn’t allow bar patrons to buy beer for other people… But these low ABV English ales only became refined and have been delicious for at least 100 years!

Crewman’s Cask Ale
English Ordinary Bitter, 4.1% ABV, 33 IBUs

A Captain is nothing without his crew, and this cask ale is the crewman’s drink of choice after a long day’s toil. A traditional, low-ABV English bitter or pale ale with a rounded malt and sharp hop profile. Expect a refreshing bitterness, fruity yeast character and light malt taste. Pulled through the English beer engine for a frothy head and low carbonation. Deliciously easy drinking!

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Time to be a beer geek! We brewed a very specia…

Time to be a beer geek! We brewed a very special ale in honor of a very special man. If you live in Scranton, you have met a Lithuanian. You probably have never heard of this style because we didn’t until we were set on brewing a traditional Lithuanian beer- the Lithuanian raw ale. 🇱🇹 Read on to learn more!

Beer lesson:
The Lithuanian Raw ale is a farmhouse style brewed in northern Lithuania. The old Lithuanian farmhouses didn’t have the ability to boil large volumes of water nor did they have the proper sanitation procedures that the German’s developed. The beer is “raw” because it has never been boiled during the brewing process. The sugary wort is simply transferred to a fermenter after lautering. The hops are boiled in a small pot and the hop tea is added to the fermenter. Their ability to cool the beer was also limited so they would wait until the beer became “warm” (90-100 degrees) and then add their house yeast which evolved to withstand the warmer temperatures.

So that’s what we did… except we did make sure everything was pasteurized and sanitized properly!

Eglavich’s Lithuanian Farmhouse Ale
Raw Ale, 7.0% ABV, 37 IBUs

Straw-colored, peppery, hazy, dry, and a little sweet. A light malt bill is made full bodied by the lack of boiling. Boiling causes proteins to coagulate and fall out of solution and clear the beer. This beer is full of protein which makes it hazy. The beer was fermented warm by a traditional Lithuanian farmhouse ale yeast which produced flavors of pepper, fruit and spice. The beer is also fermented very dry too cut out the inherent sweetness. Spicy and earthy hops were added via a hop tea to balance the yeast character. Finally, Engima hops were dry-hopped to impart subtle white wine and berry flavors. Expect something different but we think it turned out delicious!

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Monday’s aren’t so bad when you’re drinking New…

Monday’s aren’t so bad when you’re drinking New England IPAs! We got a fresh delivery of hops so we made sure to throw a good dose in this beer.

Herring the Haze,
New England IPA, 7.0% ABV, 31 IBUs

The mighty Herring the Haze is tropically hazy and smooth. A beautifully fresh tasting New England IPA that will remind you of a sunnier day! Double dry hopped with citra, mosaic and galaxy with a focus on Galaxy hops to provide notes of pineapple and citrus. Flaked oats and malted wheat allow for a creamy mouthfeel while the fruity yeast rounds out the flavor profile. Hail the Herring!

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Parade day is over but Saint Patrick’s Day has …

Parade day is over but Saint Patrick’s Day has just begun! 🇮🇪🇮🇪Along with all of our amazing food specials, including beer brats made from our house smoked wheat beer, we tapped a special Irish brew! A beer to remind you of the Irish gold.

Leprechaun’s Pint O’ Gold
Irish Golden Ale, 5.3%ABV, 38IBUs

If you’ve been looking for the gold, well here it is. This Irish Golden Ale is a medium bodied, gold colored, slightly bitter liquid perfectly enjoyed out of a pot shaped vessel. Earthy and citrus hops intermingle with balanced malts at a moderate ABV to provide you with all the qualities of an easy drinking ale. Perfect beer to go with hearty food while keeping things light enough to have a few! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!! ☘️

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Parade day is upon us! ☘️ 🇨🇮! And as any good S…

Parade day is upon us! ☘️ 🇨🇮! And as any good Scrantonian, we will be celebrating by drinking Guinness, Smithwicks, and harp! But if you become tired of those tried & true classics, we’ll be serving up something special in the hallway at Cooper’s!

Two cask conditioned ales, fresh as can be, one served through a hand pump. One traditional low-ABV cask ale that is light, sharp and full flavored and another beer we think is going to taste delightful as a cask ale, our altbier. An altbier is similar to an Irish red ale but with less sweetness making it a little lighter on the palette for those Scranton-parade-day kind of days.

Come down on Saturday afternoon in the long hallway at Cooper’s and get a fresh pint while supplies last! Guinness will be there tomorrow, this won’t be!

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We know the Irish are coming but we just love E…

We know the Irish are coming but we just love English beer too much! Our hand pump is pumping out some delicious English IPA.

King Edward’s English IPA
English IPA/ ESB 6.0% ABV, 50 IBUs

If Edward the Octopus sitting on top of the building doesn’t qualify as the king of this establishment, then we don’t know who does… This IPA isn’t like an American IPA but is very similar to many examples of ESBs with a little extra alcohol & hop character. Brewed with English pearl malt and Fuggles hops for a spicy, earthy quality. Traditionally served on the hand pump to create a creamy head while keeping the carbonation low. This reduces the sharpness of the hops and allows the malt to come forward. The original session IPA!

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When brewing a beer that highlights one of the …

When brewing a beer that highlights one of the great members of our family, first you start with a style that sounds good with their name; then you choose a recipe that has the characteristics to help describe their great qualities! Pat Pisko could’ve had Pat’s Pale Ale or Pisko’s Pilsner but those beers just don’t represent Pat!

Pisko’s Porter
American Robust Porter, 6.0 %ABV, 41 IBUs

When one has such a big and heartwarming personality, it inspires a beer with equally as much character. An American robust porter with a smooth & complex roast flavor and a rounded malt profile. Dark and welcoming. Let this one warm up in your glass to truly experience the full complexity.

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When three love affairs meet, something unlike …

When three love affairs meet, something unlike anything is created. Our brewer loves brewing different forms of smoked and wheat beers so he combined them! And this is one of our favorites so far.

Rebecca the Smoking Wheat
Smoked Hefeweizen, 5.9% ABV, 22 IBUs

Part hefeweizen, part smoked beer, and 100% love. This German wheat beer, also known as Rauchweizen, is a smoked hefeweizen. The classic banana & clove flavors and light profile are balanced with a hint of smoke and caramel malts. The sweetness softens the astringency of the smoke that makes for a smoked beer that you won’t only want one of!

Our goal has been to make a smoked beer that the average drinker will enjoy and I think we’re getting close! We love them so we want everyone to love them!

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