You know what fish we sell the most of? Haddock…

You know what fish we sell the most of? Haddock. You know the craft beer style we serve the most of? Hazy IPAs! So we decided it was time to start naming our hazy IPAs after our beloved fish!

Henrietta the Haddock’s Hazy IPA
New England IPA, 6.8% ABV, 44 IBUs

Big and juicy New England IPA brewed with loads of late addition American hops. Oats, wheat, and English yeast pair with the light bitterness alongside the citrus and tropical fruit flavors to make for a smooth-drinking 6.8% IPA! Citra, mosaic, and Amarillo hops dominate this clean flavor profile.

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The session beer of the winter is here! ☘️ We f…

The session beer of the winter is here! ☘️ We finally decided it was time to satisfy our Irish side with a delicious Irish Stout and it’s served traditionally on the beer engine! 🇮🇪

Cavanaugh’s Irish Stout
Dry Irish Stout, 4.1% ABV, 35 IBUs

You don’t live in Scranton without coming across or be related to The Irish. If you don’t count the Blarney Stone, nothing is more Irish then the dry Irish Stout. Cavanaugh’s Stout is light but filled with rich flavors of roasted barley and bready Marris Otter malt. The handpump creates a silky pour. Meant to be drunk by the pints! 🇮🇪

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Remember how we bottled two of our beers? Well …

Remember how we bottled two of our beers? Well those beers are now on draft at Cooper’s!!

The first beer, named after the great Tom Jones and Davy Jones, is called Tommy Jones Locker. The other is one of our first beers produced at the brewery, Diver Dan’s Dunkelweiss. Both are strong and both age well in bottles!

Tommy Jones’s Locker
Scottish Wee Heavy, 8% ABV, 28 IBUs

The Wee heavy is the most potent of the Scottish beers and the flavor is dominated by a process called kettle caramelization where the concentrated wort is boiled for an extended period to create a unique caramel flavor. The toasty and cracker malt notes balance out the sweetness. A smooth and sweet beer that makes you want to sink into your chair.

Diver Dan’s Dunkelweiss
German Weizenbock, 6.8% ABV, 20 IBUs

This double Dunkelweiss is strong and fruity with that complex yeast character intermingled with delicious crystal, roasted, and wheat malts. A fun style of beer that allows you to continue to discover new flavors as you sip. It might even remind you of the holidays!

Come down and try a glass or buy a bottle from our gift shop while supplies last!

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Stout season is upon us! To celebrate, we brewe…

Stout season is upon us! To celebrate, we brewed a stout… Wooo!!

One-Eyed Black Cat Stout
Oatmeal Stout, 5.5%ABV, 28IBUs

When one has a one-eyed black cat, one makes a stout named in honor of that cat… Tallulah Belle, the cat, was found down the street from Cooper’s with an eye infection that scarred over her one eye; but now she is having beers named after her!

This Oatmeal stout is rich with flavors of chocolate and toasted bread. The full mouthfeel, restrained ABV, and balanced flavor create the perfect drinking experience on a cold day.

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Today we’re celebrating the 30th year at Cooper…

Today we’re celebrating the 30th year at Cooper’s for one of our favorite bartenders in town, Tanya!! And to celebrate, we made a beer! Cooper’s wouldn’t be the same without her!!

Tanya’s Dirty Thirty IPA
New England IPA, 6.5% ABV, 54 IBUs

A super hazy IPA brewed with generous amounts of oats, wheat and American barley. Loaded with a fruity hop cocktail of Belma, Amarillo, and hull melon hops that combines to give hints of orange with tropical fruity goodness! The English yeast finishes it of with a smooth delivery. We could only imagine what Tanya has seen from behind the bar in these past 30 years…

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