Time to throw some shrimp on the barbie and hav…

Time to throw some shrimp on the barbie and have a fresh pint of ale! Yah nah, you don’t want to miss this one. It’s an ale from down under and a tribute to the oldest brewery in Australia who just happens to be named Cooper’s Brewery. This brewery makes the only Australian-invented style of beer- The Australian Sparkling Ale! If you’re familiar with the story of America’s Cream Ale well this is similar except instead of trying to make German beer in America, they were trying to make English beer in Australia.

Ozzy Man’s Sparkling Ale
Australian Sparkling Ale, 4.7% ABV, 32 IBUs

Golden yellow, medium-bodied, and a little hazy with flavors of English yeast and hopped with everyone’s favorite Australian hop- Galaxy! A little malty sweetness is paired with the mild fruitiness and the crisp carbonation makes for a little extra refreshment. It’s similar to an English ale but has similarities to American pale ales. Cheers mate!

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Happy birthday to us?! Yes! It’s been 1 year si…

Happy birthday to us?! Yes! It’s been 1 year since we opened the taps for Cooper’s Family Brewing and it has been wonderful. We’ve had some great beers and some experimentation that taught us that great beer doesn’t grow on trees…

First, we want to thank everyone who has supported the brewery or anyone who ventured out to try one of the many brews we’ve released. Today we are brewing our 93rd batch of beer which entails 88 unique recipes covering 53 different styles of beer! We wanted to make sure that our first year was a year to learn what works and how to consistently make great beer. We turned a concrete box into a brewery that is the start to something great!

What were some of the styles of beers we have made that you’ve liked?

To celebrate we brewed a special anniversary stout that has been conditioning for nearly 6 months waiting for this day!

Maritime Mama’s Milestone Stout
Imperial stout, 11.3 %ABV, 65 IBUs

The Brewery’s 1 year anniversary required the making of a very special beer… An Imperial stout brewed with a complex blend of specialty malts on top of a rich foundation of English Marris Otter. The beer was conditioned for 3 months before being steeped with loads of Italian coffee and cacao nibs. Then aged even longer to allow its decadent flavors to merry together into a fantastically smooth high ABV stout. A beer worthy for celebration of our amazing first year as a brewery! May many more years be in our future!!

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Come sail away with Cooper’s seafood and we wil…

Come sail away with Cooper’s seafood and we will take you in a voyage of great taste with our newest brew! A Cascade dry hopped lager. Cascade was the hop that caused American beer drinkers to fall in love with hops.

Cascading Sails
Dry-hopped American Lager, 4.8% ABV, 24 IBUs

Come sail away with the cascading hop flavors of this Cascade hopped lager. A light and refreshing lager uplifted by the original American hop- Cascade. Bittered with Cascade, whirlpooled with Cascade, and dry-hopped with Cascade. This hop has a bright citrus quality alongside a soft floral and spice profile. Slight haziness from the hops makes for an easy drinker with full flavor!

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Killer Crab Invades Cooper’s! Mondays, 1 LB Ki…

Killer Crab Invades Cooper’s! Mondays, 1 LB King Crab Legs, Potato, vegetable and a cup of crab bisque for only 24.99 👑🦀 – https://mailchi.mp/coopers-seafood/king-crab-mondays-1-lb-2499

When you have a restaurant full of old toys, yo…

When you have a restaurant full of old toys, you must have a master of toys! We do and we named our second version of a west coast style IPA after him.

Toy Master
American IPA, 6.5 %ABV, 63 IBUs

This West Coast IPA is packed with flavor using over 3 ½ lbs of hops per barrel and brewed with California-grown barely. A rounded malt profile is complemented by a smooth bitterness. This is backed up with loads of hop flavors including citrus and pine. Double dry hopped with Simcoe to round out a complex hop profile. As much to discover as there is toys on the walls

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Weekend special beer alert! Sozzled Skipper’s P…

Weekend special beer alert! Sozzled Skipper’s Pale Ale served on cask! Cask ale is a beautiful English tradition that we are dead set on teaching Scranton about. Cask ale isn’t a style of beer but rather a form of serving beer that allows for different qualities of the beer to shine. It’s the closest one can get to drinking beer directly from the brewery itself.

What is it?

Fresh beer is added to the cask where it is setup to go through a secondary fermentation to self-carbonate (without exploding…). When the cask is ready to be served it is placed on its side to allow the yeast to settle on the bottom. The beer is pulled over the settled yeast and out of the cask physically with the use of a beer engine. The action of the beer engine creates a frothy head similar to a nitro pour.

How does this translate to a fresher taste?

The majority of beer flavor comes from the yeast fermentation. When the beer is pulled from the cask right over fresh healthy yeast, the drinkers get to experience the freshest version of that flavor which is fruity and all kinds of delicious!

What beer do we have on cask this weekend?

Sozzled Skipper’s Pale Ale
English Pale Ale, 4.9%ABV, 28IBU

Balanced and sessionable. There’s no harm in getting a little sozzled after a long days work! This English style pale ale is moderate in alcohol and bitterness. Rounded with a nice malt flavor and a touch of roast. The hops and yeast combine to create a delightful fruitiness that makes this a really enjoyable session beer!

Get some while supplies last.

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!! To celebrate, we did what…

Happy Cinco de Mayo!! To celebrate, we did what we know how to do- brewed beer. A Mexican lager brewed with the finest ingredients and fermented with yeast developed at Modelo.

Mart-dello Mexican lager
Mexican lager, 4.4% ABV, 20 IBUs

If there is one beer that makes you think of summer, it’s the Mexican lager. Brewed with light malt, American corn, and American Crystal hops for that ultra refreshing crispness one needs for those hot days. Fermented cold with a Mexican lager yeast. Good with and without a lime! Marty approved.

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Sammy the able-bodied seaman has arrived home a…

Sammy the able-bodied seaman has arrived home and we’ve got just the beer for him!

Able-Bodied Altbier
Altbier, 5%ABV, 45IBUs

Copper-brown color, lacey-white foam, and a bitter-sweet finish. Any able-bodied seaman would be happy with such a beverage. This altbier is an ale that is crisp like a lager but flavorful like an ale. Slight toasty notes and hop bitterness rounds out the flavor of this refreshing spring brew! It’s essentially Germany’s version of a brown ale.

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