Weekend special beer alert! Sozzled Skipper’s P…

Weekend special beer alert! Sozzled Skipper’s Pale Ale served on cask! Cask ale is a beautiful English tradition that we are dead set on teaching Scranton about. Cask ale isn’t a style of beer but rather a form of serving beer that allows for different qualities of the beer to shine. It’s the closest one can get to drinking beer directly from the brewery itself.

What is it?

Fresh beer is added to the cask where it is setup to go through a secondary fermentation to self-carbonate (without exploding…). When the cask is ready to be served it is placed on its side to allow the yeast to settle on the bottom. The beer is pulled over the settled yeast and out of the cask physically with the use of a beer engine. The action of the beer engine creates a frothy head similar to a nitro pour.

How does this translate to a fresher taste?

The majority of beer flavor comes from the yeast fermentation. When the beer is pulled from the cask right over fresh healthy yeast, the drinkers get to experience the freshest version of that flavor which is fruity and all kinds of delicious!

What beer do we have on cask this weekend?

Sozzled Skipper’s Pale Ale
English Pale Ale, 4.9%ABV, 28IBU

Balanced and sessionable. There’s no harm in getting a little sozzled after a long days work! This English style pale ale is moderate in alcohol and bitterness. Rounded with a nice malt flavor and a touch of roast. The hops and yeast combine to create a delightful fruitiness that makes this a really enjoyable session beer!

Get some while supplies last.

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