Weekend special beer alert in celebration of tw…

Weekend special beer alert in celebration of two special 21st birthdays! Happy birthday Mara and Mary Kate! 🥳

This weekend only, while supplies last, we will have a cask conditioned imperial stout pulled through an English beer engine. All proceeds will go directly to the charity, Best Buddies. A choice made by the birthday girls!

The beer: a 12% (the opposite of 21!) imperial stout brewed with PA malt from Double Eagle Malting. Roasted and toasted malts create a smooth coffee/chocolate flavor while the alcohol creates a thin warmth perfect for a chilly day. We plan on aging this stout for serval months in a bourbon barrel so we decided we wanted to give people a chance to taste a fresh imperial stout before the alcoholic warmth turns to smooth sweetness and oaky deliciousness!

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🍺 + 🦪 = 😀 HALF PRICE drafts and $1.25 fresh shu…

🍺 + 🦪 = 😀 HALF PRICE drafts and $1.25 fresh shucked oysters!
Monday through Thursday from 5 – 7 PM!

Don’t miss out on this unbeatable deal! Cheers! 🍻

Drafts: https://coopersfamilybrewing.com/menu/

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🍻 Cooper’s Family Brewing Current Lineup – Cra…

🍻 Cooper’s Family Brewing Current Lineup
– Crafted with Love in Scranton, PA 🍻

1️⃣ Sandy-Haired Maiden Blonde Ale – American
🌾 5% ABV | Light, crisp, and brewed exclusively with PA-grown malted barley. Hopped with Perle, Saphir, and Huell Melon for a rounded German beer character. An American ale with perfect balance that goes down easy!

2️⃣ Frosty Fathom Winter Ale
❄️ 6% ABV | Rich with caramel, biscuit, and chocolate malts. Spiced with vanilla bean, sweet orange peel, and ginger. Dry hopped with citrus-focused hops for depth you can fathom upon!

3️⃣ Christmas Ale – Belgian Strong Dark Ale
🎄 8.5% ABV | A special brew for the festive season! Dark Belgium-style ale with hints of vanilla, licorice, chamomile, bitter orange peel, and cinnamon. Rich malts and a jolly Christmas spirit to say Merry Christmas from The Cooper’s!

4️⃣ Mermaid Bubbles Hard Seltzer
🧜‍♀️ 6% ABV | Choose your flavor: Caramel, lavender, ginger, coconut, cheesecake, or orgeat (almond). Add whipped cream? Y/N. If a mermaid breathes underwater and no one’s around to see, do they make bubbles…?

5️⃣ Diver Dan Junior Wheat Beer – Dunkelweizen
🌊 5.5% ABV | A fearless exploration of flavor! German-style dark wheat ale with hefeweizen yeast character and velvety smooth mouthfeel. Toasty notes from dark malts make it perfect for transitioning seasons.

6️⃣ She’s A Beaut, Clark IPA – Other
🎅 6.2% ABV | A Christmas IPA with juniper berries, yarrow, and fresh grapefruit peel. Balanced with Cascade, Chinook, Simcoe, and Mosaic hops for a pine and grapefruit punch! Get in the Christmas spirit!

7️⃣ Winter Wilma Wheat Beer – Witbier
❄️ 5.8% ABV | Wilma the Whale’s winterized Belgian wheat ale with chamomile. A classic soft wheat character with increased spicing and ABV. Perfect for a cold winter’s night!

8️⃣ Snowy Grouper IPA – New England
☃️ 7.1% ABV | Winter New England Style IPA bursting with hazy IPA characters. Simcoe, Mosaic, Eclipse, and Warrior hops for a little tropical taste in Northeast PA!

Come experience the joy of winter brews at Cooper’s Family Brewing! 🍺✨ #CraftBeer #WinterBrews #ScrantonBrews #CoopersFamilyBrewing

It’s not uncommon to ask someone for their favo…

It’s not uncommon to ask someone for their favorite style of beer and receive the answer: Dunkelweizen. It has such a unique flavor created solely from the combination of malt and yeast. Caramel, biscuity malts with clove and banana yeast flavors create a smooth balance that makes one jump for the joys of beer!

Diver Dan Junior
Dunkelweizen (Dark German Wheat Ale),
5.5% ABV, 16 IBUs

Diver Dan Jr. fearlessly explores the mysterious depths of flavor in this German-style dark wheat ale. Infused with the classic hefeweizen yeast character and a velvety smooth mouthfeel, this brew takes a plunge into complexity by incorporating dark malts. The toasty notes from these malts, combined with its effortlessly easy-drinking quality, make Diver Dan Jr. the perfect companion for the transitioning seasons.

Malt (barley, wheat), Yeast, Water, German Hops

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It’s a new year of great beer! The first goal o…

It’s a new year of great beer! The first goal of this year is to make it through another Northeast PA snow-filled winter and we have just the beer to do it with!

Snowy Grouper
New England IPA, 7.1%ABV, 21 IBUs

The Snowy Grouper is our winter New England Style IPA bursting with classic hazy IPA characters such as citrus and a little pine. Simcoe, Mosaic, Eclipse and Warrior hops provide the combination in this Hazy alongside flaked and malted oat for a beer that taste a little tropical but reminds you that you’re in Snowy Northeast PA. And it’s pretty great!

Fun fact: the snowy grouper is a delicious fish found in the western Atlantic Ocean marked with their identifiable white snowy patches.

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🚨🦀 Savor the Flavor, Support Support a Hero! 🦸‍…

🚨🦀 Savor the Flavor, Support Support a Hero! 🦸‍♂️

🙏 💙 👑 🦀 🙏 💙 👑 🦀 🙏 💙 👑 🦀

Join us at Cooper’s, Jan 17-19, 2024, for our King Crab Sale. $20/lb with $10 from each purchase aiding Detective Kyle Gilmartin’s recovery. Let’s show our support, one delicious bite at a time!

🌊 #CoopersCares #KingCrabForACause #CommunityUnity #ScrantonStrong #coopersfamilybrewing




Victoria Dennebaum, a seasoned bartender at Cooper’s in Scranton, embarked on her journey in the hospitality industry at the age of 15. Over the years, she has adeptly navigated various roles, including serving, hosting, catering, and bussing, before finding her passion behind the bar. Victoria, now 31, fondly recalls her start in 2008, sharing, “I have grown up with Coopers—I started here at 15. This place brought me not only a career but also lifelong connections; I met my husband and best friends through Coopers. Originally from Russia, I relocated to the United States in 2006 and Coopers has been my second home ever since.” Her dedication and diverse experiences reflect the artistry she brings to bartending, making her an integral part of the Coopers family.

This article originally ran in the Happenings Magazine.

Christmas time means Christmas beer and we love…

Christmas time means Christmas beer and we love Christmas beer! A brewing tradition that allows each brewery to brew up their most special creation in time for merry making during the Holiday season.

Cooper’s Family Brewing Christmas Ale
Belgian Strong Dark Ale, 8.5% ABV, 21 IBUs

Christmas is a time of celebration which causes breweries across the globe to brew up a special batch of beer that is rich in flavor and full of love. Our Cooper’s Christmas ale is just that- Special! A darker Belgium style ale that is lightly spiced with vanilla bean, licorice root, chamomile flowers, bitter orange peel, and cinnamon to enhance the fruity Belgium yeast. Caramel flavors and high ABV make this an enjoyable sipper! Rich malts pair with a jolly Christmas spirit to say Merry Christmas from The Cooper’s!

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