Time to be a beer geek! We brewed a very specia…

Time to be a beer geek! We brewed a very special ale in honor of a very special man. If you live in Scranton, you have met a Lithuanian. You probably have never heard of this style because we didn’t until we were set on brewing a traditional Lithuanian beer- the Lithuanian raw ale. 🇱🇹 Read on to learn more!

Beer lesson:
The Lithuanian Raw ale is a farmhouse style brewed in northern Lithuania. The old Lithuanian farmhouses didn’t have the ability to boil large volumes of water nor did they have the proper sanitation procedures that the German’s developed. The beer is “raw” because it has never been boiled during the brewing process. The sugary wort is simply transferred to a fermenter after lautering. The hops are boiled in a small pot and the hop tea is added to the fermenter. Their ability to cool the beer was also limited so they would wait until the beer became “warm” (90-100 degrees) and then add their house yeast which evolved to withstand the warmer temperatures.

So that’s what we did… except we did make sure everything was pasteurized and sanitized properly!

Eglavich’s Lithuanian Farmhouse Ale
Raw Ale, 7.0% ABV, 37 IBUs

Straw-colored, peppery, hazy, dry, and a little sweet. A light malt bill is made full bodied by the lack of boiling. Boiling causes proteins to coagulate and fall out of solution and clear the beer. This beer is full of protein which makes it hazy. The beer was fermented warm by a traditional Lithuanian farmhouse ale yeast which produced flavors of pepper, fruit and spice. The beer is also fermented very dry too cut out the inherent sweetness. Spicy and earthy hops were added via a hop tea to balance the yeast character. Finally, Engima hops were dry-hopped to impart subtle white wine and berry flavors. Expect something different but we think it turned out delicious!

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