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  • Diver Dan’s Dunkelweiss

    An interpretation of a dark German wheat. Fruity malt flavors are layered with flavors of banana developed from the traditional German yeast strain. Strong and easy drinking! Take a dive with the sharks into a tall glass of this double dunkel.

  • Uncle Joosy

    Big and juicy hazy New England IPA brewed with loads of late addition American hops. Easy drinking IPA with very little bitterness but bold fruity hop flavors!

  • 77 & 7/8th Inch Pale Ale – Pale Ale – American

    Full bodied American pale ale with a backbone of fresh American hops. Maybe a hint of coconut from the experimental hops to make a somewhat obscure and strong pale ale.

  • Skippy’s Maiden Voyage IPA – IPA – American

    A craft beer staple. Bitter with a well-rounded malt backbone layered on top of a balance of juicy American hops. Dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic. Skippy seems to enjoy his first ever IPA!

  • Wilma the Whale’s Wit – Wheat Beer – Witbier / Blanche

    A traditional take on the Belgian Wheat beer. Pale in color and light in body. Fruity citrus notes on top of a pleasant Belgium character. Wilma loves it!

  • Rebecca’s Smoking Blonde Ale – Smoked Beer

    Rebecca’s Smoking Blonde Ale Smoked Beer A smoked Belgian blonde ale is a great introduction into smoked beers. Lightly colored ale with a fruity Belgian character and a noticeable smoky background. An experiment to try and create a smoked beer that anyone will like! Brewed with love and excitement!

  • Tommy -Our Little Ray of Sunshine-

    You are my Sunshine, my only sunshine… A base of pilsner malt toppled with loads of fruity German and American hops- dry hopped and whirlpooled. A refreshing IPA tasting of honeydew and cantaloupe melons with maybe a touch of pineapple. Will make you happy on a cloudy day!

  • Buck-a-Shuck Oyster Stout

    You eat em’ at happy hour, and we throw em’ in the beer! An Irish-inspired stout brewed with freshly shucked oysters! Toasty and smooth with a touch of brine. The only thing better than eating oysters is drinking them! Shucked by our master shuckers.

  • Naughty Neptune

    A big New England style IPA at 9.1%! Loaded with fresh American Hops giving aromas and flavors of stone fruit, citrus, tropical sweet fruits, and a touch of herbs. This IPA showcases Ekuanot and Mosaic hops on top of a well-rounded malt profile finishing slightly alcoholic which cuts the malty sweetness. This baby will sneak …

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  • Pauly Want A Porter?

    Who likes to drink porters in the heat of summer? Pauly Does! A light English brown porter that swaps out some roasted character in other porters with little hint of spice and smoke. An easy drinking dark beer!

  • Kraken Kölsch

    The Kraken has been released! Light, crisp and a little fruity! A nice pale and malty base with a balance of noble German hops with a flavor familiar to ales and the undoubted crispness of a lager! The Kolsch is a German ale that has been lagered making it one of the more unique styles …

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  • Tiki Wilima Pineapple Wheat

    Sit outside in the sun and relax with this ultra-light pineapple wheat beer. A pillowy session wheat with a refreshing pineapple twist meant to quench your thirst on those hot days! It’s beach season for Wilma and she’s ready!

  • Sir Fatsby’s English Mild

    An oxymoron: full-flavored light beer. This English Mild is fruity and malty yet incredibly light at under 4% ABV! A beer popular in England during the first half of the 20th Century and a beer that should be popular once again! Pairs well with a nice mustache.

  • Edward the Octopus ESB

    If you haven’t noticed, we love our English beers… Cody especially does! The English did invent the pub 🤔 English extra special bitter. Brewed with 8 ingredients to create a rounded malt profile alongside a stiff English hop character. A high mineral content produces a dry and pleasant sensation for the mouth! A beer meant …

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  • I Used To Live In Baaaston

    I Used to Live in Baaaston; New England IPA, 7.5%, 75 IBUs We all used to live somewhere but there’s no place to live that can compare to Scranton! A New England style IPA brewed with a high portion of wheat alongside a gentle malt profile. Late addition Australian and American hops create a refreshing …

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  • Edward the Octopus ESB

    Edward is the name of that giant Octopus on top of our restaurant, and he loves sitting around the pub drinking after a long day of harassing pirates. Classic English extra special bitter (ESB) brewed with 8 different ingredients! Complex malts play along with a strong English hop profile and minerally water creating a delightful …

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  • Back of Da Crab Shack Ale

    Back of Da Crab Shack Ale Pale Ale – American There’s a secret place to drink but it’s a secret… Classic American pale ale featuring grapefruit and pine notes with a sturdy malt backbone and pleasant bitterness. The type of beer that American craft beer was founded on.

  • Captain Cooper’s Lager

    Captain Cooper’s Lager Lager – Helles It’s back! Our first rerelease! Of course, it’s too early to repeat so we made a few minor tweaks… we strive for perfection. This was the first beer we produced because we just love Munich lagers. Classic German Helles lager. Light, crisp, and malty with a delicate balance of …

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  • Ze Joosinator

    Freshly Tapped |  Ze Joosinator| Double New England / Hazy Ze Joosinator is Big and Smooth. Oats, wheat, and barley create a balanced backdrop to a smoothie full of fruity hop flavors balanced by a gentle bitterness. Drink too many of these and you might be saying “Hasta la vista, baby.” 8.1% ABV | 46 …

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  • Dr. Jen’s Prescription Pilsner

    Pilsner – German 5.3% ABV 40 IBU A pilsner created to benefit Dr. Jen’s Hope Foundation where all proceeds will go directly to the foundation. This beer is where simplicity is a pleasure. Heidelberg malt dances with the stiff noble hops to create a beer that beckons you to have another sip.

  • Patch’s Pumpkin Ale

    Argh, locally grown pumpkins in a brown ale along with mild spices is a recipe for delicious harvest. Patch’s is a brown ale brewed with loads of freshly roasted pumpkins and lightly spiced with cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg. The beer shines when paired with a caramel, cinnamon sugar rim!

  • The Commodore’s Kölsch

    Commodore Cooper has been brewing up a special batch of his light and bright kölsch. This refreshing beer reminds you of those easy-drinking pilsners but has some yeast complexity that makes you want to try another sip! A classic Northern German ale that has been lagered to add that crispness we all love.

  • Beers, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

    People that drink beer eat beets… Battlestar Galactica. The Office happened to Scranton and the only thing we can do is celebrate how hilarious it is watching Michael Scott joke about our town! An American IPA that is light in body with a nice fruity hop flavor and aroma. Dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic and …

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  • Diver Dan Junior

    Diver Dan Junior is the session-able son of Diver Dan. This German-style dark wheat ale retains the traditional hefeweizen yeast character and soft mouthfeel, but with the addition of dark malts to increase complexity. The toasty malts and easy-drinking nature of this beer make it a great beer for the changing seasons!

  • Little Eddy’s English Bitter

    Edward the Octopus wasn’t always so big. Little Eddy is an English Best Bitter, which is a malt-focused English pale ale that is low in ABV and balanced in bitterness. Traditionally served in a cask with low carbonation to highlight the malt and yeast flavors! Spicy English hop character is intermingled with the delicious bready …

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  • Time To Walk the Plank NEIPA

    Hazy IPA that showcases the experimental Sultana Hops which produces pine and fruit flavors. Dry hopped with that classic cloudy IPA look. Strong ABV helps make you forget that summer is over

  • Rebecca’s Rauchbier- Märzen

    Did you know that at one point in time almost every beer was smoked? All malt used to be dried over open flames which then made the beer smoky. This smoked lager is in the style of a big and malty Oktoberfest. The pleasant smokiness is balanced nicely with the caramel malts and the yeast …

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  • Tommy Jone’s Locker

    A Scottish Wee Heavy, the strongest of Scottish beers. Unlike the whiskeys from Scotland, the beer is not smoked; but is sweet and smooth with very little hop character. Kettle caramelization produces a unique, rich sweetness while the malts dominate with savory crackers and toast flavors.

  • Mister Schnitzel’s Oktoberfest

    Let’s be honest, Oktoberfest is just an excuse to eat schnitzel 4 times a week… This Festbier-style lager is big and malty that just pairs so well with the changing season and hearty German foods. A fruity lager yeast showcases a well-rounded malty sweetness that you expect from an Oktoberfest.

  • Small & White Edelweiss

    The Edelweiss is clean and bright. A German-style Hefeweizen brewed with a special heirloom variety of wheat called Dinkel wheat or spelt. The Dinkel wheat generates a hefe that is a soft white color with a slight nuttiness. The yeast provides delicious banana and clove flavors that help remind you that it’s Oktoberfest Time!

  • Gold Lobster

    The beer that makes you fall in love with beer- the Belgian Tripel. There are many ways of masking the flavors of alcohol in beer such as hops in IPAs, malts in stouts and for the Tripel- Yeast! A pleasant grain bill of Belgian pilsner malt is shepherded to deliciousness by the flavorful yeast producing …

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  • Scranton United Lager

    All proceeds of this beer will be donated to United Way to help support our communities and there is not better community than Scranton! An early American lager brewed with a high portion of corn to create a smooth and creamy light beer.

  • Groggy Salior

    Groggy, foggy, hazy are all things a salior might feel when they wake up. Groggy Sailor is hazy, juicy and delicious. This New England IPA has been hopped at 5 different points in the process and takes advantage of yeast biotransformation to create big hop flavors and aromas. Citra, mosaic, talus and Huell melon hops …

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  • Zacky Wacky’s Wheat

    A refreshing wheat beer hopped with Amarillo and fermented with Norwegian farmhouse yeast, which combines to produce a zing of orange flavor. The combination of ingredients could be considered a little wacky!

  • Master of Toys

    You can’t have a restaurant filled with old toys displayed within artful dioramas without a master of toys and the man behind the scenes is truly a master with the toys. A West coast IPA. Light in body and color with a pronounced hop bitterness. Chinook and Centennial hops produce a dank flavor and aroma.

  • Big White Wilma

    Wilma the whale is back with another Belgian-style wheat beer. A delightful balance of soft wheat, spices, and a dry yeast character creates an easy-drinking beer that is pale in color and light in the body.

  • The Old Man And the Beer

    Why do old men wake so early? Maybe it’s to live a little longer or perhaps it’s to drink beer sooner. Dusseldorf style altbier. An amber-colored ale that has the crispness of a lager. A fair addition of German hops balances out the maltiness, and the fruity yeast creates a depth of character.

  • Tanya’s Dirty Thirty IPA

    Tanya’s Dirty Thirty IPA New England IPA, 6.5% ABV, 54 IBUs A super hazy IPA brewed with generous amounts of oats, wheat and American barley. Loaded with a fruity hop cocktail of Belma, Amarillo, and hull melon hops that combines to give hints of orange with tropical fruity goodness! The English yeast finishes it of …

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  • One-Eyed Black Cat Stout

    Stout – Oatmeal When one has a one-eyed black cat, one names a stout in honor of that cat… This oatmeal stout is rich with flavors of chocolate and toasted bread. On a cold day, the full mouthfeel, moderate ABV, and well-balanced flavor make this the perfect beer to drink.

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